The Shady Rest Band Folklore

The Shady Rest Band is named after The Shady Rest Hotel from the 60's TV sitcom Pettycoat Junction.  When our band first began, it was just Cheryl and Joe as a duo.  For our first gig, we didn't have a band name so we just called ourselves Cheryl Joe.  But soon, we started adding members and gave them "Joe" after their first name.  In Pettycoat Junction, a main character was Uncle Joe who had three nieces named Billy Jo, Bobbie Jo, and Betty Jo.  So one day at band rehearsal, we were laughing about the connection to the TV show, someone said, "Cheryl Joe and The Shady Rest".  Well we just settled on "The Shady Rest Band".  So when you hear reference to the Hooterville Cannonball train, the hotel, or any of the characters, it's from the TV show Pettycoat Junction.

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